Workshop on Cloud Networks – WCN e Cloudscape Brazil

Cloudscape Brazil 2018 
Excellence of Cloud Computing, Research and Industry, under one roof.


Sobre o evento

To create a consolidated and continuous platform that promotes both European(EU) & Brazilian (BR) excellence in the areas of cloud computing, big data & Internet of Things (IoT), leveraging the cloud model, and encourage the usage of common and standardised templates for Cloud SLAs to facilitate the usage and comparison of cloud services. The objective of the platform is to promote novel tools to support European & Brazilian SMEs & Start-ups to use cloud computing in a more efficient way, and make them better informed around trustworthiness & legal issues. Cloudscape Brazil started 3 years ago and is now a confirmed partner of the Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society (CSBS) and its 1400 participants and 2,000 Twitter followers. Over the years, Cloudscape Brazil has attracted support from RNP, BR Ministries, SDOs and industry supporters with key insights from 20+ position papers/event. With a focus on compliance (e.g. GDPR), Cloudscape Brazil 2018 will seek co-location with WCN (Workshop on Cloud Networks) academic event that was organized by the EUBrasilCloudForum project in 2016 and 2017 as a first step for setting up a new Special Committee (SC) within SBC on Cloud Computing, action that may enhance future research cooperation between Brazil and Europe. In 2018 the Cloudscape Brazil event will be organized by the ATMOSPHERE project and will be co-located with the WCN 2018, organized in this last edition by the EUBrasilCloudForum project.

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  • Marco Vieira
  • UC
  • Coordenação Geral
  • Priscila Solis
  • UnB
  • Coordenação Geral
  • Isaac Filho
  • UERN
  • Coordenação Local