• Alfiya Anasovna Mustafina
  • Gulnara Nailevna Kaigorodova
  • Guzel Kharisovna Pyrkova
  • Dariya Pavlovna Alyakina
  • Alina Ajdarovna Kamalova


Abstract: In modern market conditions, the results of the activities of any organization is to make a profit and maximize the value of the company, which mainly depend on the volume of the organization's financial resources, as well as on the sources of financing. When determining the financial policy of an organization, the company management, first of all, must set tasks that would help ensure the stable operation of the enterprise in the conditions of fierce competition. Financing of an organization can be carried out both at the expense of its own and borrowed funding sources. The decision on additional financing is made by the management of the organization as needed for additional financial resources. When a project is implemented over a long period of time, long-term financing is usually applied. This option is the most preferable, since with short-term financing there is no guarantee that the profit can be obtained before the maturity of the loan. In this regard, the management of long-term financing is one of the most important functions of financial management aimed at ensuring the achievement of high final results of the economic activity of the enterprise. The purpose of the paper is to study the management of long-term financing of an organization and measures to improve it.


Keywords: long-term financing, management, company, capital, financing.


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